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Sometimes guidance is received to start toning directly into injured or painful cellular structure, which then assists to release pain more rapidly.

Normally each Individual Healing Session is ended with a few minutes of Vocal Toning, which seems to be designed especially for each client, as no toning that I have done to date, has ever sounded the same.

Vocal Toning is part of the Quantum Healing curriculum and since Johanne started teaching toning to workshop participants in 2007, she has had lots of toning practice.  She has a natural gift for singing, and through the many years of teaching, workshop attendees have always encouraged Johanne to use toning in her healing practice. It has been scientifically proven that music bypasses the logical, linear mind and goes directly to the emotions.  Because toning has the ability to clear emotional blockages, at the root cause of all physical pain, healing clients find that toning helps to clear painful areas to clear very quickly.

Sound and music therapy has its beginnings in Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher who lived approximately from 580 to 500 B.C. Pythagoras saw music as being based on the laws of nature.   Sound is defined as vibrational energy which takes the form of waves or hertz and measures the cycles per second.

On the level of quantum understanding, everything within in the universe  are simply waves and vibrations and the production of particular tones and overtones have the ability to directly tap into a deeper level of quantum reality.

Sound is vibration and thus can be used for healing purposes. Examples are the use of tuning forks, gong therapy, crystal and metal singing bowls etc. Research carried out by the Tomatis Institute, situated in the USA, has proven that re-training the ear by listening to sound, changes the Neo-Cortex of the brain and also the entire nervous system.  Beautiful music is used widely, together with guided imagery on meditation CD’s and is played softly in the background, during healing sessions, by many Healing Therapists.


As humans, we sigh to release our frustration, or groan to release your impatience or pain, or cry, to express our sadness.

By nature sounds are intended to be purifiers, to release emotions and feelings, both positive and negative and the natural sounds of our emotions, lie somewhere between speech & singing.


Resonance is the effect produced when the natural vibration frequency of a body is greatly amplified by re-enforcing vibration at the same, or nearly the same frequency.

Each body organ vibrates at its own unique frequency and our body cells and bones resonate with sound – to the pulse of our own heartbeat, to the sound of the sea, toning & beautiful music and even to the forced resonance of traffic & other disturbing noises.

Research have proven that repetitive and concentrated sound patterns have the ability to travel in space & time to fulfil the purpose of healing and purifying. What is truly amazing is that the unique songs of whales and dolphins, has been proven to cleanse and purify the waters of the oceans that surround our Earth.

Water has memory and forms the basis of homeopathic tinctures and cures. The human body consist of about 82% of water and the powerful work which was done on water by Dr Maseru Emoto, proves beyond any doubt, that the vibration of powerful words, spoken, written, used in prayer and in the lyrics of music has powerful and miraculous effects upon water.


Toning is the creation of extended vocal sounds on a single vowel, at a sustained pitch, in order to experience the sound and its effects in various parts of the body.

Vocal Toning is one of the examples where the human voice can be used to facilitate healing and some years ago, Johanne spent three days in training with Chris James, an Australian monk, who travelled worldwide to present workshops on the Healing Power of the human voice.  He taught how to focus vocal toning directly into painful body tissues, in order to clear energy blockages, to facilitate healing.


Vocal Toning is the toning of Vowel sounds, which have many therapeutic benefits on the body.  Our bodies are sound resonators, and as sound resonates within body cells, energy shifts, space is created & energy blocks are spontaneously released.


  • Bypass the logical Mind, linking directly to the Emotions.
  • Lower stress levels.
  • Restore Balance and Harmony To both the Mind and Body
  • Create higher emotional and physical energy readings in the body.
  • Clear old emotional patterning.
  • Unlock and Release stuck energy.
  • Regulate the autonomic nervous system (creates healing in the body).
  • Balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.
  • Create more restful, regenerative sleep.
  • Open up energy flow and healing in the physical and emotional energetic bodies.
  • Improve organ and endocrine function.
  • Improve Body functional performance level.
  • Recover and Strengthen our spiritual connection.
  • Reduce Internal Resistance (to change / to letting go.
  • Bring the Body and Being into Alignment with Pure Love & Divine Energy
  • Synchronize brain waves & relieve tension
  • Communicate With Your DNA and also Awaken Dormant DNA
  • Release Stress, Pain & Illness Free up energy – making it available to be put to better use
  • Open up your senses, and innate abilities, liberates your voice
  • Revitalizes and Energizes the body
  • Aligns the body and Chakras
  • Vocal Toning have been scientifically tested and energetically they are OFF THE CHARTS!!!

Find below pictures taken of people’s chakras, before and after listening to Vocal Toning for only a few minutes.(Kirlian imaging of GDV testing results – Tests ordered by Rikka Zimmerman, well-known Energy Healer from the USA, who use Vocal Toning in all her healing sessions).

Toning and also chanting has been proven as a very high form of healing vibrations, of great therapeutic value!

In fact, people who tone and chant and even those who regularly play chanting music in the background during the day, find that they only need a few hours’ sleep since listening to chanting is highly energising.

Examples of powerful chants are: Aum (sound of the universe), Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy), Shanti/Om Shanti (Peace)


AH – Golden colour… Earth sound… represents unity… Opens heart energy & radiation of heart energy

OOO – (cool)… Blue… Water soundRelaxes and Draws Energy Inward

EEE – Bright blue to turquoise… Air soundRelated to mind and thinking

HMM – Top of head… Rainbow coloursConnecting you to Spirit

OH – (as in go)… Combines AH and OOO… This sound Effects the Endocrine System


As a soprano, my voice is more suited to higher notes, but instead of being concerned about how I sound, I strive to use the appropriate tones to clear painful body areas.

Because each person is unique, each vocal toning session sounds entirely different.

I usually start of by “tuning in” to the client, and if they have any discomfort or pain, I would focus on clearing a particular painful area. At the commencement of my toning, I play around with tones, until I find the note with the highest resonant frequency.  (The appropriate note sounds much more full, clear and resonant than any other note toned and the client is able to clearly feel the vibratory resonance of this tone within the painful body area).

Low pitched vocal tones are very grounding and are most suitable to clear pain in the feet, ankles and lower legs, a medium low pitched tone would be suitable to clear lower backache, a tone within the mid-range of the tonic Sol-fa would be appropriate to clear mid-back pain, while a higher pitched tone would work well to clear headaches, eyes or ear pain, lowering the pitch downward, when we wish to focus on clearing a sore throat, shoulder or chest pain.

As I tone, the client usually feels the vibratory changes occurring within their body tissues and their body visibly relaxes as soon as the pain dissipates.  When I have a client that has no specific pain that needs to be cleared, I would start by toning lower tones, and then intuitively proceed up and down the tonic sol-fa until I feel a sense of completion.

Most clients feel deeply relaxed after a vocal toning session something that they seem to have in common is feeling joyful. Some clients remarked that it felt like they were having a vibratory massage.

Below is recorded toning session so that you can share in the amazing experience of sonic alchemy. Please find a quiet place before you listen to the recording!


I am a Cacti & Succulent local grower and supply most local nurseries and on this particular day, I needed to spark to get certain plants on order to be potted and delivered to other nurseries within the next two days.  Johanne just quickly popped in to drop a birthday gift for me, and when we were on our way out, she noticed that my body was totally out of alignment.  She then offered to do a quick body alignment for me and as she was opening my Spinal Flow I told Johanne that my right shoulder was quite painful. She then started to tone directly into this shoulder, while holding it. As Johanne was toning low notes, I could feel my own energy grounding and I because I am quite visual, I could see healing colours streaming up and down throughout my body and also felt the energy vibrations activating my entire body.   Within seconds the pain disappeared, and so also did the back pain that I had suppressed and ignored all day, because I was pressed for time to get all my orders ready and delivered before the end of the day.

I highly recommend Johanne’s Vocal Toning, as it is very powerful and I urged her to use toning in all of her healing sessions.

– Annelie Kotze, Maranko Horticulture (Nursery Owner), 083-654-2773

During a recent healing session with Johanne, she toned, various songs and lyrics, while doing healing on my. My eyes were closed, but as I am very visual I “saw” colourful flowers unfolding in geometric shapes and patterns around my body and as the notes changed, so also did the colours. At the same time, I felt energy surging through my body. I felt and experienced the low notes in my feet and lower body and base and sacral chakra, feeling them opening, while notes from the middle range of the tonic sol-fa and upward, was felt in my stomach, solar plexus and heart area & chakra. The higher notes registered within my throat and head area and once all the energy centres were open, the energy spontaneously burst out of my head, like fountain of glistening rainbow light.  I felt extremely joyous and serene after the session. Wow! What an experience that was!

– Mandie Bonthuys, Liquid Grape, Creative Artist and Website Designer, 076-555-5959

Johanne did Vocal Toning on me, in combination with Reconnective Energy Healing and I found it to be extremely beneficial. I had sore ears and throat for a while and as she was toning, I could feel the clearing happening in my throat and both my ears. It started in one place and moved to other parts as the toning changed! I would highly recommend Johanne’s toning as a form of healing as the vibrations certainly shift things rapidly. Thanks Johanne! Your toning is amazing!

– Linda Jordaan 

I have no hesitation to recommend Johanne’s Vocal Toning, because I loved it.  In fact, I found it to be quite wonderful, because while she was toning, I was able to clearly see myriad of energy vibrations dancing in and around my body, while at the same time, I was also able to clearly feel the energy frequencies generated during Johanne’s toning, resonating within my body cells, relaxing me, and making me feel extremely calm, joyful and very peaceful.

– Veronica Flack

For more experiences from clients please have a look at our “Success Stories” page!


During 2005 a scientific study was carried out by Maryanne Cowan & Bob Nunley, Ph.D., to investigate the effects of crystal bowl toning on the chakras, measured by the Gas Discharge Visualization device (GDV), which is clinically proven as an effective tool in measuring the energy field and chakra system.

Kinetic Orsine waves are produced whenever a musical note is struck, (or a tone is sung) activating the Emotional Body (Sympathetic Nervous System) which in turn, is able to change chakra readings of output chakras: one, three, five and seven, with a positive polarity.  (Chakras two, four and six are input chakras, which has a negative polarity).

Subtle Energy Bodies respond to sound vibrations, directly affecting the subtle energy body of the Emotional Body, even before it comes in contact with the physical body.  This proves that music is able to bypass the logical linear mind, and directly affect our emotional state. This explains why we feel joyful when we listen to happy, upbeat music, peaceful when listening to peaceful, harmonious music and feel sad, when we listen to sad songs.


Body cells are composed of liquid crystal and crystalline lattice type molecules, arranged in a crystalline manner, forming a super-communication system, which signals the entire system simultaneously.

Scientific research confirms that while listening to toning, sine waves travel into the energy field and physical body, introducing subtle energies and electromagnetic fields directly into body cells. This produces a resonant vibration within the crystalline structure of the body, causing a ripple effect within the living matrix (a mechanical, vibrational or oscillatory, energetic, electronic, and informational network), sending signals to all parts of the body, which generates piezo electricity(or a pie-electric effect) within the crystalline structure of the body, which causes body cells to respond and re-organize.

Because frequencies, at varying rates, have the ability to alter, not only specific cells, but also entire energy fields, chakras, as well as organs and systems of the body, this proves beyond any doubt, that vibrational frequencies produced during toning, sound healing and music therapy are effective therapeutic tools, specifically to heal emotional and also physical disorders.

Session Length:  5 – 10 minutes




Additional supporting therapies may be used, as and when required.

Chakra Balancing – Opening and aligning of seven main chakra’s within the body, as well as the Earth Chakra below the feet and Soul Chakra Above the Body, connecting the physical body as an antenna to facilitate receiving and transmission of universal energy. Helps to clear and stabilize emotions as well as clears and balances the auric field.

Body Alignment – Relaxes body muscles and aligns skeletal bones – Occipital Ridge, Ear Alignment, Shoulders, Clavicles, Scapula, Relaxes the Psoas Major and Minor muscles to align the Hips, even the length of the legs, level the pelvic floor, and Pelvic tilt.

Combination of Reconnective Healing and Vocal Toning. Receive Light Activations and Informational Encodings from Soul Aspect of the Self. Invokes feelings of peace and joy.