Join Johanne Werth to learn this powerful method of natural healing.

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Course Name:  2-Day Interactive Course in Quantum Healing

Curriculum – Day 1:

  • Energy anatomy of the physical body, Universal & Earth Energy.
  • Specific breathing techniques, visualization & Focus to Increase internal energy frequency.
  • Open energy pathways within body to enhance healing & relieve pain.
  • Body Alignment: Cranial Bones, Shoulders, Hips, Ears, Knees, etc
  • Focus energy for self-healing & acceleration of healing in clients, plants, etc.
  • High frequency emotions amplify & accelerate healing.
  • Grounding, Universal Connection, Alignment, Balance & Harmony.
  • Attain & maintain Internal Balance (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)

Curriculum – Day 2:

  • Intention, Synergy of combined focus & breathing; Vocal Toning.
  • Engage the colour & attributes of specific chakras to related body parts.
  • Cut energetic cords & attachments; Reduce swelling & Pain; Prevent Bruising and swelling after injury.
  • How to Stop Bleeding within seconds.
  • Handing of Chronic Severe Pain – Steam Release Technique, Re-set Pain Level
  • Setting of a Healing Intention.
  • DNA – Blue Print of Perfection, Innate – Intelligent Smart Body
  • Connect to Higher Light Dimensions, & utilizing for healing.
  • Focus on Internal Love Energy, Gratitude & Joy to amplify healing
  • Additional techniques to amplify & accelerate Life-force Energy.
  • Vortex of Energy to further amplify it.
  • Chakra Healing & Balancing
  • Energy Patterns
  • Colour Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Fun things to do with healing.
  • Specific visualization to strengthen our personal connection to the Infinite Field of Grace & Oneness.


TIME:              09:15 – 16:15 pm
DATES:           WEEKEND of 27 – 28 July 2019 (Kindly bring lunch to share).
COST:             R3,000.00  (Comprehensive Course Notes & Certificate Included).
VENUE:          6 Arnold Street, Windsor Estate, Kraaifontein, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa (Directions will be supplied upon course registration).
INSTRUCTOR(s)Johanne Werth

Course Registration and Payment:  Booking in advance is essential as Course Notes & Certificates need to be Pre-Printed.  

Payment:  A 50% deposit is payable by the 22nd of July 2019 – register & pay directly with Johanne. 

Workshop Contact & Bookings:  Johanne Werth
Phone:  +27 21 987-2605
Alt. Phone:  072 576 5002

Email:  johannewerth@gmail.com / werth1@mweb.co.za

Additional Information:  Johanne has Taught Basic, as well as Advanced Healing Workshops, for well over a decade.  She is an experienced Energy Healer and Teacher and her passion is to teach the very best of her personal insights into the more than 14 Healing Modalities & Techniques that she has studied and taught.

(View full course particulars on www.quantumhealingza.com) http://quantumhealingza.com/quatum-healing-course


  • Johanne is an amazing teacher.  Thank you so much for passing on such a phenomenal gift.  God bless you and the work. All my love and support for this amazing miracle of healing”.  ~ Dr Isabel Reis, MD., PhD – Bio-Energetic Medicine
  • I attended one of Johanne’s Quantum Healing workshop and the weekend far exceeded my expectations.  Johanne combines knowledge, experience and valuable insights gained over many years, sharing many gold nuggets of healing wisdom, bringing all to bear in the QH workshop, making it a very powerful learning experience.  Her integrated approach adds value in that she connects the dots for the layman in a masterful way, which I am greatly appreciative of. She glows with her love and passion for what she does and is very generous in her sharing of her knowledge, which she does with infectious enthusiasm. So much so, that after taking us through our paces to apply the theory in practical sessions, it is not surprising that one came away vibrating at a much higher frequency! Thank you, Johanne, for an amazing, awesome healing experience.   Much love and appreciation  ~ Carolyn Shand