CRAIG – “Clearing of My Brain Fog and My Physical Re-Alignment”

Craig, was involved in a skiing accident at the age of 14. His right tibia broke just below the knee and the growth plate, situated there, was damaged. He was hospitalized for three weeks, had many physiotherapy sessions and it took him three months before he could walk again. The accident caused Craig’s right to be 5 cm shorter than his left leg, and the prognosis of the doctor was that form then on, he would always walk with a definite limp, and advised him to wear a built up shoe on the right foot, to prevent scoliosis of his spine. Craig felt reluctant to do this, since he loved playing football and cricket and did not feel ready for such drastic action yet.

I visited Craig’s mom, who had a bad fall on her knee and I offered to do Quantum Healing on her during a visit. (At the time, family and friends came to visit,  swim and barbecue). After treating Craig’s mom, he said he had a few sport injuries which where troubling him and asked me to work on his right elbow and shoulder, where he felt pain. He reminded me also of his skiing accident and pointed out just how lopsided his body was. It was clearly visible that the whole left side of Craig’s body was much higher that the right and his right leg also looked visibly shorter. Craig’s occipital ridge, shoulders, clavicles, scapula and hips, were all massively out of alignment.

I started his session by balancing his occipital bones and within seconds of running the energy the bones straightened, right in front of many startled visitors, who clearly saw it happening. I then ran energy into his neck vertebrae, worked on his shoulders, straightened the hips released the psoas and periformis muscles within the hip area, and worked on the lower and middle back. During the session Craig felt intense heat within his body and perspired heavily. After one hour and 30 minutes Craig’s body had aligned completely. His shoulders and hips were level, his legs looked completely normal. When I phoned him three days later Craig told me that even further healing occurred. His head now felt completely clear. Before the Quantum Healing session, he really had to make an effort to concentrate, and now he felt completely different. According to Craig, he always used to feel tired and groggy whenever trying to concentrate before and had to make a real effort at lectures or even while sitting in church. Now, all of a sudden his head felt completely clear and concentration was really easy. The cherry on the top is that after the session he felt much more vibrant and alive.

TANJA: “Thank you God, for my Healing”

Tania, phoned me from Namibia a few days before she flew to Cape Town for her sister’s graduation ceremony. When her Granny told her about Quantum Healing, she was quite skeptic and thought that energy healing would not be able to improve a medical condition. She decided that she had nothing to loose and booked a session. When she arrived she told me that she had scoliosis of the spine, and I saw that her spine had a twist to the right, between the scapula, her x-rays show an additional inward spinal twist from the mid to lower back. Tanya had been in two major car accidents, and suffered from constant and chronic head- and neck ache.

She also was diagnosed with endometriosis and a blocked left ovary. I started off by firstly balancing her occipital ridge, which was out of alignment and then proceeded to work on her atlas and axis and cervical vertebrae. I balanced her shoulders, hips, back and front and released the psoas on both sides. I then concentrated on her lower spine and sacrum, middle back and shoulders. Lastly I asked her to lie down and concentrated on the blocked ovary and womb area where the endometriosis was present. While working on Tanya, she experienced a great amount of internal heat and was perspiring a lot. Intuitively I prompted her to hold on to the positive phrase: “Thank you God, for my healing”. When Tanya went for a scan and general check-up one month after her treatment, the endometriosis had miraculously vanished. Sadly, the condition returned once again, after a while.

VERA: You gave me the reason to live and the will to continue living!

For thirty years in this lifetime, I have searched for TRUTH. The first time my higher self guided me to Johanne was 6 years ago, I never made it to her because the ego made it impossible to find her physical address so I gave up. 6 years later after spending many thousands of rand on NLP, Hypnosis, Personal Life Coaching and many other modalities, my life totally distorted and I found myself blocked in every possible way.

In a desperate search for answers & truth I found Johanne’s website, and booked a session.

I was so unconscious and in the dark I could not see the light or the TRUTH even though it was right in front of me. Johanne was not only a guide but she opened the door to the light and lead me through to the other side using her divine intuition to guide me through the sessions I required in order to experience the TRUTH myself. After one of my Reconnective Healing sessions she ran Quantum energy down my spine and I experienced energy for the first time – I could not deny it! But I still could not consciously believe but Johanne is very thorough.  She grounded me and provided scientific and analytical explanations, so that in the end, my ego mind had no more arguments and I finally believed,just because she presented the truth so conclusively.

Beyond belief, Johanne facilitated connection to my Higher Power Source, and my Divine Self. I am so grateful that I chose her because she wholeheartedly gave me far more than I paid for, or than the sessions covered in information, time, explanations, support, material and most of all, she presented me with the whole TRUTH which many others who just do this type of work just for the money, hold back on, in order to keep you dependent upon them.

Over and above all that, what sets Johanne apart from the rest is her pure, honest motive  is to set you free, to directly connect with Your Higher Self and to help you,  Help yourself. Johanne has given me the most valuable treasure I didn’t know existed! It is the basis for life & worth Trillions because it is the ability to make Trillions.

Until today she still continues to inspire,  share and guide me as the light & love that she is. She has been a bright light in my darkest hour and the first real relationship with light, truth and integrity.

Thank-you Johanne! You gave me the reason to live and the will to continue living!


I have been suffering from excruciating sciatica, lower and mid back, leg, knee and shoulder pain since March 2014 and had to resort to pain killers on a daily basis, in order to function normally. I am also diabetic and suffer from High Blood Pressure.

Usually, when I return home, I am tired and it was painful for me to stand for long periods of time while taking care of cooking and cleaning, so I had work a little and then sit a while until my sciatica and back pain subsided.

I was becoming desperate to get help and since I have never been for Energy Healing, I was skeptical and did not know what to expect, but having a look at Johanne’s website and asking for guidance in this matter, and made an appointment with her.

Johanne worked on me for over an hour, using a combination of Quantum Healing, Emotion Clearing, Access Bars and Vocal Toning, after which my body was pain free at last.   I am still doing fine thus far, with only slight pain now and then.  I cannot wait for my next follow-up session as I am positive that I will only benefit from this treatment both physically and emotionally.

I am feeling a lot better since my healing session with Johanne, have more energy and do not have to resort to pain killers any longer.


I have no hesitance in recommending Johanne.

– Alison Gilbert, Creditors Department, Footgear (PTY) LTD, Tel: 021 914 6393, Fax: 021 9146549,


After battling with debilitating chronic headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pains for many years, I came to Johanne for a healing session.   I am so happy, because I have not had any pain after my session.  I highly recommmend Johanne for the clearing of any chronic physical pain.

Skype Healing Sessions are available on request – please contact me for details and to schedule an appointment.   You can also contact me on Google Chat for sessions.

Recommendation from client for Skype Healing Sessions:

I had been on a long healing journey, but there was still some deep emotional pain that was lodged deep within me, that I just hadn’t yet been able to fully understand nor heal.

In my searching, I came across Johanne’s website which seemed so unlikely considering that she is based in South Africa and I in Scotland. Although a part of me was thinking that this might be an issue, I just couldn’t leave her website. I was compelled to email her anyway in the hope we may be able to connect over Skype. I was delighted to find out that this was possible and on reflection and through my experience with Johanne, I now know that it was my higher self, who had lead me to her, at exactly the right time. It was as if she was hand-picked, to help me with the issue I was facing. As soon as I spoke with her about what I was experiencing, she immediately related to me in a way no other therapist or healer had ever done before. I felt like I had almost come ‘home’ in Johanne’s loving presence to finally let go of what had been holding me back my whole life.

I had been slowly unraveling the effects of childhood trauma, but had been unable to deal with the root event due to the intensity of this pain. Johanne gave me courage to do so, while she effortlessly created a deep sense of safety. She used a particular method that gently exposed this place within me and allowed me to feel it, let it out and make peace with it. This was a profoundly healing experience with immediate and lasting effects. I had been carrying this for so long and now I feel free!! There has been both an emotional and physical ‘weight off’ experience. Johanne also worked with me to strengthen my nervous system, heal ancestral emotional programming and to increase my confidence and sense of self. The whole experience has been totally transformational! I have come on leaps and bounds, growing stronger and my self-confidence also increased in the months following my healing. I have even had some powerful spiritual advances as this particular issue seemed to be blocking my progression. I feel like Johanne helped me build a bridge way, into the life I had always hoped for. I have a stronger foundation and greater peace. Now I get to create a brighter future!

I recently connected with her again and spoke with her about wanting to feel more connected in my relationship. She used a visualisation technique and healing to address the issue and once again it created an immediate shift. That evening, I felt that my partner and I were more open and loving towards each other. 

I whole-heartedly recommend Johanne as a gifted, knowledgeable and compassionate healer. She takes the time to listen and always has wisdom to share that is so relevant to your situation and helps you to see the bigger picture. You feel cared for and her smile and warm nature are infectious. Although you I was are dealing with some heavy and painful emotions, I found myself also being able to laugh with Johanne through the process. I feel a real soul sister connection to her and feel so blessed and grateful to have found her.

The fact that Johanne can connect with you over Skype is indeed a blessing for anyone else in the world, who may need and find her. Don’t hesitate!! Contact her!!