Quantum Healing is a combination of the very best acceleration of energy healing that I have learned and taught for well over a decade in Quantum-Touch Healing, as well as other wonderful Energy Healing Modalities that I have studied over a period of 15 years.

What is Quantum Healing and how does it work?

It is a gentle method of healing, done either by placing your hands on specific body areas, or by focussing directly above a painful area, within the energy field which surrounds the body.  Specific breathing techniques and Focus is combined to facilitate scientific principles of resonance and entrainment to create a powerful, yet natural, field of healing energy, which spontaneously opens and activates normal energy flow to areas where energy was once restricted, or blocked within the body.  Because every cell of our bodies is endowed with infinite intelligence, I connect with the “Higher Self” of the client before a session is commenced and together with the client, a specific, pure Healing Intention is set.

Quantum Healing spontaneously Aligns skeletal bones (cranium, shoulders, hips & spine);  Accelerate healing;  Alleviate chronic pains;  Relax muscle tension; Raise Immune systems functions;  Bring about emotional release;  Restore Harmony & Balance, leaving the recipients feeling relaxed, yet energized!

There is no physical manipulation and during a Hands-On Quantum Healing session, only the lightest, most gentle touch is used.  Once the body’s energy vibrations are raised to the highest possible level, these accelerated energy vibrations kick-start autonomous self-healing within the body.  Lower vibrations, such as injuries, dis-ease, stress, mental or emotional imbalances start resolving and healing is initiated spontaneously.

As all healing is SELF-HEALING, regular entrainment to high energy vibrations promotes lasting healing and wellness.

There are Energy Healing Practitioners who have tested the use of energy healing in pain clinics, hospitals and even in operating rooms. They have reported that when Energy Healing is focussed remotely on a person undergoing surgery, bleeding during surgery is significantly reduced, which in turn, reduces Operation Time significantly. As an added bonus, energy healing also facilitates a more rapid emergence from anaesthetic. Nurses found that when a collapsed artery is touched lightly, the artery seemed to magically pop out” and become more visible.

Energy Healing is instinctive, natural and effective and it is great to use as First Aid, after an injury, or when someone is in pain.

If you have ever wondered whether you could learn how to do energy healing, Quantum Healing is a marvellous therapy to learn.

Even if you have only completed the basic level I healing course, you no longer need to feel totally helpless when your family, pets or plants are ill.

Quantum Healing activates & accelerates the body’s process of Self-Healing.  It is effective to treat tension, chronic Illness, aches & pains, such as headaches, frozen shoulder, hip, neck, knee pain or backache.


While Quantum Healing accelerates healing, it does not claim to treat or heal any specific conditions, but it serves to open up internal energy flow so that natural self-healing can be accelerated.  Ultimately if the body can, it will heal itself.


Quantum Healing curriculum focuses on specific visualization and breathing techniques that enable the significant opening of body circulation, meridian and nerve flow throughout the body, its energy centres (chakras), organs and body systems.

Energy is focused in a specific ways for maximum healing results.



Day 1

  • Energy Anatomy – Physical Body, Universal & Earth Energy.
  • Grounding your energy into the Earth.
  • Connect with Universal Energy.
  • Ask for Higher Assistance & Protection.
  • Align with Peace & Harmony.
  • Specific Breathing Techniques to amplify your Body’s Life-Force Energy and raise your internal Resonance & Vibration
  • Practice how to focus life force energy into your hands to increase healing frequencies.
  • Hand positions.
  • Increase energy frequency, enhance healing & relieve pain quickly.
  • Clear & Open Central Channel, Chakra’s & Meridians.
  • Clear & Open internal energy pathways, Circulation, & Nerve flow from dorsal root nerve exiting the Spine, branching out into body systems, organs, muscles, sinews & connective tissue.
  • Open internal energy flow (circulation, nerve & meridian flow) within painful body parts to “unfreeze protection mode” within injured body parts, to encourage flow of healing energy.
  • Accelerated frequencies accelerate healing for people, animals.

Day 2

  • Maintain Internal Balance – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
  • Setting of Pure healing intention,
  • Synergy of combined breathing & focus;
  • Align Heaven & Earth within your own Physical Body.
  • Emotional Healing – Identify energy blockages and clear them.
  • Engage specific high frequency emotions, such as gratitude, love & joy to quicken healing.
  • Sound Healing & Vocal Toning.
  • Engage colour & inherent energy of specific chakras to enhance healing.
  • Vortex specific Chakra & central channel Energy to amplify Life-force Energy.
  • Chronic Pain, Reduce swelling, Prevent bruising after injury & Stop Bleeding quickly.
  • Self & distant healing – clients, plants, etc.
  • Work with flowers, plants, food, water, etc.
  • How to stop bleeding within seconds.
  • Violet Flame – Use to transmute & transform low vibrational energies.
  • DNA; Innate Body Intelligence & Blueprint for perfect health.
  • Fun things to do with healing.

Workshop Format:  1 Weekend (Saturday 09:15 – 16:15, Sunday 09:15 – 16:15)
Price:  R3,000 (Certificate, Workshop Notes and Light Lunch Included).  Payment plan available.

Please see my UPCOMING EVENTS or COURSES, TRAINING & WORKSHOP Pages for Course dates.



Day 1

  • Open the door to freedom, unlimited possibilities & a new paradigm shift in healing.
  • Lay the foundation for a wide range of new abilities.
  • A new way to run energy, which is not at all obvious.
  • Amplified resonance technique.
  • Heart coherence & resonance facilitate a state of deep connection.
  • Explore The Higher (sacred) Heart.
  • Three-fold Flame of Divinity within Sacred Heart.
  • Explore the Sacred Heart & Higher mind as the portal to oneness.
  • Restore Higher Heart & Mind connection.
  • Ignite greater intuitive abilities

Day 2

  • Soul connection
  • Deep Inner Child healing
  • DNA – The container of our Unique Creator Energy
  • Work with Heart commands
  • Clear negative programs within DNA.
  • Explore a deeper Higher Self Connection to facilitate manifestation on many levels.
  • Innate “smart” body and Body Elemental
  • Energy Field of the Light Body (Merkabah)
  • Akashic Records

Workshop Format:  1 Weekend (Saturday 09:15 – 16:15, Sunday 09:15 – 16:15)
Price:  R3,350.00 (Certificate, Workshop Notes and Light Lunch Included).  Payment plan available.

Please see my UPCOMING EVENTS or COURSES, TRAINING & WORKSHOP Pages for Course dates.

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