I wish to acknowledge and thank Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch. I am truly grateful for all the personal insights that I have gained while I practiced and taught the basic Level I and the Advanced Level II Quantum-Touch courses, for well over a decade. His powerful message that each and every person’s love is powerful, and has the potential of making a wonderful healing contribution in the world, deeply resonates and reverberates within the very core of my being. Thank you for providing me with a solid foundation for energy healing.


On 19 March 2016 I completely shattered my left tibia when I tumbled on to my kitchen floor after tumbling from the cupboard placed in front of my kitchen window. I had to undergo three operations within the space of 15 months, and it took a rather long time for me to walk normally again, without the aid of crutches.   In retrospect, this injury, which was very painful, served to isolate me from the world, giving me lots of time to go within and to engage in deep introspection.

During a moment of profound, deep inner peace and stillness, “I saw” a vision of God/Creator of all, as a vast, iridescent, shimmering ocean of pure creative Light.

This filled me with a profound and deep inner knowing that the Source, and Creator of all life, abides not only within me, but also within all of life.  This provided me with a deep reverence for life and profound inner joy.

During my time of recuperation, the renewal of my registration as a Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator became due in July 2016.  At the time I had been a Registered Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator for well over a decade, but inner guidance prompted me to offer a combination of the best energy healing techniques that I have studied over the years, I decided not to re-register with  Quantum-Touch.

My desire to share the very best insights of all of the healing modalities that I have studied, gave birth to the modality of Quantum Healing, which offers a fragrant bouquet of high frequency healing energies, which is a joy and privilege to teach and apply in personal healing sessions.

After teaching healing workshops, for many years, deeper spiritual wisdom began to flow through me, spontaneously in accordance to higher guidance, as and when it was appropriate, This makes each and every workshop unique and special.

It also became clear to me that each and every Energy Healer emits their a very own, unique energy signature, which includes each and every energy healing modality that each person have studied, and practiced, within their individually emitted “wave” of energy, that is shared with clients.

I found that once the central channel, meridians and chakra’s were opened, cleared and activated, the natural flow of vital Life Force Energy is enhanced within the body. I also experienced that once clear spinal flow was established, the following adjustments would occur:  Skeletal bones (cranium, shoulders, hips & spine) started to align spontaneously; Healing would be Accelerated; Chronic pains will start to be alleviated;  Muscle tension would begin to ease; the Immune system would begin to be activated;  Blocked emotions may start  to be released; General Harmony & Balance may begin to be restored, while the client would be feeling relaxed, yet energized!

The hands-off technique enables energy healers to also work within the energy field “aura” of clients. Once the body’s energy vibrations are raised to the highest possible level, accelerated energy vibrations kick-start tremendous self-healing within the body.  Lower vibrations, such as injuries, dis-ease, stress, mental & emotional imbalances then start healing spontaneously.  As all healing is SELF-HEALING, regular entrainment to high energy vibrations promote lasting healing and wellness.

Quantum Healing combines the understanding of the body functioning as a holograph; the tenets of energy anatomy and physical anatomy, into a whole and complete holographic energy system, including each of the individual systems, e.g. nervous system, circulatory, lymphatic systems, etc., the 12 chakra’s, energy meridians, central channel “sushama”.  At the commencement of a healing session, it is important for the energy healer to make use of energy grounding methods, to link to the “higher self” of the client and also to set a clear healing intention for the very best and highest good.

I also use heart coherence techniques taught by the Heart Math Institute and several other techniques to increase intuition and connect to internal guidance.  Profound acceleration of healing is obtained when energy healers connect to their own “higher self”, as well as the Higher Self of clients.  We also encourage energy healers to request healing assistance from Archangel Raphael, and his angelic healing team, and also from benevolent, loving, pure Light Beings from the Multi-Dimensional Realms of Infinite Love and Light. The conscious spinning of chakra’s and the chakra column is also encouraged to intensify and accelerate healing.

If you feel totally helpless when your family, pets or plants are ill, suffer from Chronic Illness, Aches and Pains, e.g. Headaches, Frozen shoulder, Hip, Neck, Knee pain or Backache; would you like to Activate and Accelerate your own body’s process of Self-Healing; or ever wondered whether you could learn energy healing, then Quantum Healing is the ideal therapy to learn.

While all types of Energy Healing may accelerate healing within the physical body, it does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions. People have reported a wide range of organic conditions that have been helped through the administering of Energy Healing. There exists an infinite intelligence within the body’s DNA, as well as within each and every cell, organ and body system, Like the rest of creation, if left alone, will repair and rejuvenate itself perfectly, in Divine Right order. Ultimately if the body can, it will heal itself.


There is an innate ability within everything in creation that is alive, to re-vitalize and heal itself spontaneously during times of rest and sleep. Unfortunately, many humans have lost the ability to relax and therefore do not have sufficient rest.  Without enough rest and sleep, the body utilizes food and oxygen mainly to fuel body functions during waking activities. Due to a lack of rest, relaxation and sleep, the body does not have sufficient time for optimal restoration, rejuvenation and healing. Doctors blame stress for most illnesses.  Over time, habitual stressful thoughts, chronic sadness, fear, grief, bottled up, unexpressed anger, and rage, judgement, resentment, frustration, blame, shame and guilt, feelings of depression etc., saps the body’s life force energy and eventually leads to an absence of inner vitality and flow of vital life force energy within body cells, organs, muscles, tissues and body systems.  This, over time leads to disharmony and an absence of natural balance between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes of existence.

Stressful thoughts and traumatic life events cause blockages within our energy system, which blocks the natural flow of vital life force within the body. Stressful thoughts produce stressful feelings and emotions, which triggers the body’s flight and flight stress responses.

When we feel endangered or threatened, it initiates a stress response within the body, which alerts the sympathetic nervous system, triggers the adrenal glands to the secrete the stress hormones adrenaline and nor-epinephrine. These hormones facilitate immediate physical reactions, such as an increase in heart rate and breathing, constricting blood vessels and tightening muscles. Rapid, shallow breathing, limits vital oxygenation of body cells and organs. Continuous stress and anxiety shut off the natural flow of vital life force within the body and over time, the body loses its natural ability to heal itself at an optimal level and maintain a state of inner balance and equilibrium.  Continuous stress and a lack of inner balance and harmony eventually result in states of dis-ease within the physical body.

Our thoughts are truly the gold coins of our inheritance, as positive thoughts and emotions, lead to states of inner balance and harmony within the entire body and energy system, causing a sense of well-being and spontaneous relaxation of the physical body. When we are relaxed, our body cells are open and receptive and life force energy can flow unhindered, maintaining the body’s natural ability to vitalize, and energize, heal and balance the body, mind and spirit.

Quantum Healing Session Length:  60 minutes

Standard Therapy Rates:  R600 per session



Additional supporting therapies may be used, as and when required.

Chakra Balancing – Opening and aligning of seven main chakra’s within the body, as well as the Earth Chakra below the feet and Soul Chakra Above the Body, connecting the physical body as an antenna to facilitate receiving and transmission of universal energy. Helps to clear and stabilize emotions as well as clears and balances the auric field.

Body Alignment – Relaxes body muscles and aligns skeletal bones – Occipital Ridge, Ear Alignment, Shoulders, Clavicles, Scapula, Relaxes the Psoas Major and Minor muscles to align the Hips, even the length of the legs, level the pelvic floor, and Pelvic tilt.

Combination of Reconnective Healing and Vocal Toning. Receive Light Activations and Informational Encodings from Soul Aspect of the Self. Invokes feelings of peace and joy.