The process of Footology / Foot & Life Synergy is specifically designed to transform dense vibrations of energy – stored as emotional blockages within the human energy system and body organs. It is an emotional process, which could take anything from 90 minutes up to two hours, depending on how deep, and far back we are tracing emotional blockages.

Everything consists of energy and although energy can be changed into another form (water changing into steam) energy can never be destroyed. All of life is designed to evolve and if we, as humans wish to grow, it is important that we learn to let go of our natural internal resistance to what life brings us, and start to embrace all human experiences, past and present. In this regard it may be helpful to view the Earth as a big school house, enabling the learning of many personal “Life Lessons”, specifically designed by a Higher Power, for our own personal growth and evolution. When we start to accept that nothing happens by chance or without reason, we become able to step out of personal human drama. Once our individual Life Stories and past events are integrated within our body and human energy system, the past can be transformed into the Light.

I originally qualified as a Footology Therapist, but soon after launching my healing practice in 2005, I felt that it was possible to facilitate a more comprehensive clearance and release during healing sessions. (I was taught that when internal energy blockages where not spontaneously released during a session, clients were provided with advice and techniques to facilitate the clearing of blockages over time).


Whenever a new experience enters in our lives, the subconscious mind quickly goes to work to find a matching event or incident from the past, located within the memory bank, and then uses the stored information as a point of reference to alert us to potentially dangerous situations, if required to do so. An example of information stored within the subconscious mind over a period of time through repetition of an activity is that of learning to drive a stick-shift vehicle, learning to ride a bicycle or to ice skate when you are young and later, although you have not done so for many decades, because of stored information within the subconscious mind, you will be able to do so with absolute ease. An example of a high energy event or traumatic incident stored within the subconscious mind may be that of a young child making a large, full colour painting on the wall of his parent’s lounge wall. After completing his “masterpiece” the child feels so proud and fetches his mother to come and have a look. His mom, on seeing the child’s painting on the lounge wall, instead of praising the child for his beautiful artistic creation, lets out a load shriek and starts scolding the child. The message imprinted into the subconscious mind of the child reads: Creative expression – Unsafe. Later in life, when the child is grown up, he seems to lack creative ability and find that he is unable to come up with creative ideas at work. The initial shock of the response that the child’s creative expression, at the age of five evoked from his mother, has served to block his creative ideas from freely coming into expression.

When intuitive guidance prompted me to include deep relaxation techniques, as well as deep and heartfelt acceptance and forgiveness during my Foot and Life Synergy Sessions, the effective and lasting release of emotional blockages residing within the human energy system and body organs was greatly enhanced.

I found that before each Healing Facilitation Session, it is advantageous to set a specific Intention for each individual session and also to trace emotional blockages back to its original point of inception and occurrence – which could have occurred before birth, while developing within the womb of the mother, etc. Because my personal version of Footology Therapy ended up, to be different from the original version that I was taught, I decided to call it Foot and Life Synergy.

Our feet mirror our thoughts, emotions, negative patterns and energy blockages, and it may surprise you to find out that Cracks, blisters and calluses are actually have emotional roots.

Since the feet reveal startling soul secrets, I love to use it as a starting point to find out exactly where dense vibrational energy patterns and blockages are hiding within the physical body and human energy system.

As soon as we are able to Acknowledge / Accept /or Surrender our own personal life story, however sad or traumatic it may have been, it becomes possible to Release and Integrate dense vibrations such as anger, rage, sadness, regret, fear, feelings of abandonment, deep unworthiness, not being good enough, etc.

Some blockages are spontaneously released once related incidents are remembered, but when the original cause and inception point of blockages happened very long ago, e.g. before birth, it is very helpful to be in a very relaxed alpha or theta state during a session. I also include Deep and Heartfelt Forgiveness in the process, which allows dense, low energetic vibrations, experienced as “ghosts of memories from the past”, to be more effectively released, integrated and transformed, making it possible to re-program past events through positive visualization techniques.

We often hear that we should not always rely on our intellect, but that we should just follow our heart, wherever it leads us. Our heart space is the seat of our spirit and Divine Inspiration and the source of inner guidance, which is feeling and intuition based. Since many of us have a hard time to access our feelings, this may affect our ability to sense our soul’s guidance and to clearly hear and interpret the “still” inner voice.

Allowing ourselves to feel once more and trusting our feelings are keys to spiritual growth and self-realization. Indeed, it is our heart-felt feelings that will guide us to fulfilling our life purpose with ease and grace.

Once trapped emotions are released, integrated, the past is released, and physical symptoms rapidly disappear. Just bear in mind that “negative situations” often present a unique opportunity for growth and the act of sincere and deep forgiveness of others and self “builds a bridge back to heaven” – re-connecting you to your True essence & power, bringing about inner peace and lightness of being.

After experiencing a Foot and life Synergy Session many clients have reported that they are ”feeling as light as a feather” or “as though mountains of burdens were lifted off their chest”.

When clients suffer from depression, it could be due to the fact that the full power and light from their Soul Self, the immortal part of us, has not been fully integrated and grounded into their human body.  This process can then be used to anchor the energy of the soul upon the soles of their feet.

Session Length:  60 minutes

Standard Therapy Rates:  R600 per hour session.


Additional supporting therapies may be used, as and when required.

Chakra Balancing – Opening and aligning of seven main chakra’s within the body, as well as the Earth Chakra below the feet and Soul Chakra Above the Body, connecting the physical body as an antenna to facilitate receiving and transmission of universal energy. Helps to clear and stabilize emotions as well as clears and balances the auric field.

Body Alignment – Relaxes body muscles and aligns skeletal bones – Occipital Ridge, Ear Alignment, Shoulders, Clavicles, Scapula, Relaxes the Psoas Major and Minor muscles to align the Hips, even the length of the legs, level the pelvic floor, and Pelvic tilt.

Combination of Reconnective Healing and Vocal Toning. Receive Light Activations and Informational Encodings from Soul Aspect of the Self. Invokes feelings of peace and joy.