Johanne Werth, Quantum Touch Healer

I matriculated in 1970 and worked in a corporate environment for over 20 years.  I started off in the position of Secretary / Private Assistant, Financial Officer; Human Resources Officer (which I really enjoyed, since I love interacting with people);  Administrative Officer, Coastal Management, which involved working with the general public, as well as personnel.  I even tried my hand at marketing and the selling of real estate.

Completed Diplomas:


Client Services 

Various Computer Courses (e.g. MS Office)

 Meetings and Minutes

Time and Self Management

Self Development and Management

Professional Presentations


When I started to practice “alternative” therapies, I really found my niche.  I found that these therapies were all rather “natural” instead of “alternative” as generally referred to.

During 2003 I went to a talk on Footology therapy, presented by Karin Lombardozzi, and was really intrigued by the fact that one could actually learn to decipher the emotional world by studying the feet.  I then decided to study the modality.  Coming from a very religious background, I found that I did not possess sufficient knowledge about the subtle energies of the body flowing within the meridians and chakra systems of the body, and therefore had to study several books on chakra’s and subtle energy, which is the foundation for all energy healing and specifically for Footology Therapy.

I enrolled for the course, studied hard & completed my case studies.  My Footology thesis was on Human Relationships.  I therefore studied several books on the psychology of relationships, did an in-depth study of how the dynamics of relationships, from birth to death, are ultimately displayed on the feet.  When I went to do my practical examination with Karin Lombardozzi, (the principal of the School of Footology) she told me that my 100-page thesis was by far the best Footology thesis that she had received to date.  I passed my practical examination and I qualified as a Footology Therapist on 4 February 2005.  I later adapted this course and now call it Foot and Life Synergy.

I completed a course in Practical Reflexology in 25 April 2005 and completed Indian Head Massage Module I & II with Igbal Badat during April & May of 2005.

I “discovered” Quantum-Touch Therapy at a pamper day held by Shape Magazine during 2006.  I attended a DVD course in Cape Town, did countless case studies and qualified as a Quantum Touch Practitioner on 20 July 2007.  I did an advanced course and qualified as a Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor on 30 July 2007.  In May of 2011 I travelled the United States to qualify as an advanced level II Quantum-Touch Instructor. I taught Quantum-Touch Levels 1 and 2 for a number of years, but I broke the tibia of my left leg in February 2016, I discontinued practicing and teaching Quantum-Touch and when I was healed, I designed a much more comprehensive modality, named Quantum Healing, that I also began teaching with great success.

When I saw the painting “the hands of God” (by Michelangelo) for the very first time, shudders of electrical energy waves registered within my solar plexus and then spread throughout my body.  Later on, when looking at the hands depicted in the Advert for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, these energy waves re-occurred within my body and I instinctively felt that I should do this course.  I completed the Reconnective Healing (levels I & II);  as well as The Reconnection (level III) courses during December 2007.  (Recently I found that Quantum Self Axiatonal Activation and Re-Connection was actually channeled long ago by Arch Angel Ariel as a process called “Whole Self Attunement, Re-Integrating All the Lost Fragments of Self”).

I did a Foundation course on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy on 13 July 2008 in order to sharpen up on general relaxation techniques.  I now practice and teach a combination of the best of the 15 Healing Therapies that I have studied for the last 15 years.