Ever since I can remember, I was always interested in understanding exactly how things work behind the scenes. At school I loved Science, Physiology and Biology and later on in life, I also became interested in Metaphysics – a philosophy/study which use broad concepts to help re-define reality and our understanding of it.


During 1996, while browsing in Paperbacks during my lunch hour, I discovered a book entitled “The Healing Secret of the Ages”, written by Catherine Ponder.  This was the most profound book on healing which I had ever laid eyes on.  After reading this book, my perception on the nature of reality was forever changed.  I started to experience that my every day thoughts, words, beliefs and actions were indeed creative – endowed with tremendous power – magnetising to me, everything which manifested within my world and affairs.

A turning point came in my life came after being involved in a car accident in 2002.

During the incident, I was knocked repeatedly by the trailer of a truck, which spun out of control, when trying to apply brakes on a wet road on a downward slope of the N1 highway to Cape Town.  My car was a total write-off and only the driver’s side and door was undamaged.  This accident could so easily have maimed, or ended my life.  Since I was miraculously protected, I felt that perhaps there is a much deeper purpose and meaning to life.  This gave birth to a sincere desire to start contributing to life and to somehow, be of service.

Over time, personal experience lead me to believe, that absolutely no-thing ever happens by chance; that behind all apparent chaotic events, there actually exists a Higher and Perfect Divine Order, which somehow, and miraculously manages to organize apparent chaos into Perfect and Divine Order.

Slowly, as I learned to let go and trust more and more, I also started to let go of internal resistance and the desire to be in control of life and events.  I came to the realization that in fact, no-thing in reality actually is what I once thought and believed it to be. I began to feel instinctively that if I wanted to progress and evolve any further, I needed to let go of all resistance, judgement, opinion, labeling, attachment to results, as well as any preconceived notions about reality.

From a place deep within me, I started to trust that Life was actually on my side.  As I trusted more and more in the Divine, my everyday reality started to unfold in miraculous ways.

As I began to study natural healing, I learned that:

The physical body is actually designed to regulate and heal itself; that built into each and every person’s physical body is a wonderful innate intelligence, wisdom and knowing; and that once the body is brought back into balance, harmony and alignment, Healing is able to occur spontaneously.

I came to understand that we live in a holographic universe, and that on the 3rd dimension we actually live in an illusionary matrix of separation, where we are controlled by fear. However, if we focus on increasing our personal frequency and vibration to that of unconditional love and oneness, the veils of separation will be lifted. Then we shall once again remember that we were created in the likeness and image of our Creator, Father/Mother God and that all of us are individual holographic puzzle pieces of our Creator, which are all most wonderfully connected, within the fabric of creation.

I realized that once we start clearing the dense discordant energies from our bodies and energy fields, we create more space for the Light and Wisdom of our Higher / Soul-Selves to be fully embodied within our earthly body of flesh.

So, I found that instead of denying and covering up fearful, traumatic or painful events which may have occurred within our lives, these events just needs to be acknowledged, fully accepted lovingly embraced, and integrated, in order to be transformed.

The Master Jesus brought to Earth the message of Love and forgiveness. Poets wrote poems about the magic of love and musicians composed hundreds of love songs. Slowly the world is coming to realize and understand that Love indeed has great transformational power; that pure unconditional love is the greatest healing power in the universe;  That the human heart is infinitely more than just a circulatory pump; – that the energy field and heart torus is infinitesimally larger than that of the brain; that the heart as able to serve as both a receiver and transmitter, and as such, has the ability to receive intuitive guidance and messages long before the brain does; that the heart serves as a Star Gate, linking us to our own Eternal Divine Self, Spirit, Oneness and All that IS.

When the intellect and intelligence that resides within the mind is united and integrated with the innate guidance and wisdom of the HIGH HEART, more of our SOUL’S LIGHT, energy and attributes can be integrated and embodied.  Soul guidance can tune in to the Divine Mind, the Source of Universal Wisdom, Knowledge and information, which flows from the Higher Worlds of Light.

At a Quantum Level, everything which exists, is made of energy, the “raw material of the universe” revealed in this world of form, either as a wave (vibration) or as a particle.  

Quantum Physics has proven that solid matter does not actually exist in the Universe.  In reality, the atoms that form objects, which that we think are solid, are in fact, made up of 99.99% space; with no internal structure; nor physical size; proving to be rather illusory,  appearing to be more as “events”, rather than things.  It has also been proven that waves and particles respond to: consciousness itself; being observed; and have been discovered to exist as both a wave and a particle at the same time; capable of being in an infinite number of places simultaneously, termed “superposition”.  Everything thus responds to consciousness itself and exists within a field of pure infinite creative potential and possibility.

The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that he mere act of observation radically influences the outcome within the process of manifestation from the formless, into the world of form, into “reality” as we know it.

We know that Energy is able to change form, but it can never be destroyed. (Water evaporating from the ocean, dams and rivers, collecting into cloud formation, returning to the earth in the form of rain, hail or snow).  At a basic and primordial level, everything is encoded with Source Light.  The Sun, and stars radiate light, while the moon receives and then reflects the light from the sun.  Creation originated from Source Light, and from this pure Source Light substance, everything streamed forth, into creation. 

In nature, the mighty oak tree sleeps within the seed of an acorn.  Likewise, humans, are created in the likeness and image of our Creator/ God, and our Souls contain the Seed Atom, which represents the animating life force of our Father/Mother, or God Parents.

As humans, living on the 3 dimensional earth, we carry within us, ancestral DNA, which contain many old dysfunctional beliefs and programs, which does not serve for our highest good.   If we wish to grow and evolve, we need to unplug from the old 3 dimensional matrix, and to clear and reprogram our DNA. In the process, our Higher Dimensional DNA, once thought of as junk DNA, can be activated.

According to Elizabeth Wood, a Scientist and Seer, the matrix, as well as our DNA contain Five Fields of Limitation: 1). False Value – instead of realizing the infinite value of life and humans, we are inclined to regard everything according to monetary value.  2). False Time – Instead of focusing in the Present moment,  we are inclined to worry about the past and future.  3). False use of Energy – Instead of using our energy wisely, our energy is dissipated by not being mindful.  4). Fear of Death – The four Laws of the Universe are: Creation, Preservation, Destruction and Integration.  In truth, we are souls, clothed a body suit and thus death is unable to destroy the soul, which lives for ever.  5). False Field of Forgetting – our Souls emanate directly from God-Source, and yet we seemed to have forgotten everything concerning our soul’s journey, of which the memory will begin to return, once we begin to consistently clear and reprogram our DNA.

The illusion that we are separate from God has plugged us into the mass consciousness matrix of enslavement, which is programmed with survival and fear.

Whenever we react to situations, we can be sure that it is due to some old outdated ancestral programming, contained within our DNA. which needs to be acknowledged, embraced and then reprogrammed. at a consistent basis, in order to clear our DNA, in order to begin to regain our innate Soul Memory.

God is Love, God is Light, and even within the darkest dark,  exist the Light of God, as there is no where, where God, is not.

The 3rd dimensional world has a dual nature of Light versus Dark, Right and wrong. If strive to start living in the Beauty Way, we move into divine neutrality, beyond right and wrong doing. The Yin Yang Symbol is a perfect example of a perfect balance between light and dark.  Within the white quadrant there is a black dot and the black quadrant contains a white spark of light.

Likewise, in order to fully embody the Light of our Soul, our human shadow needs to be acknowledged, fully accepted and embraced, before it can be integrated into our being.

Pure Diamond Ultra-light, which streams forth from the Higher Dimensional Realms is encoded with a vast amount of information soul coding and creativity and because Light is infinitely more powerful than darkness, this pure Divine Diamond Ultra Light, together with Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Grace, and also Gratitude contain tremendous clearing and healing potential.  Once we start to explore the Void, the nothingness and complete darkness, we shall discover that the Void is in fact, the beautiful velvety black creative universal womb, a space of unlimited, infinite potential and perfect neutrality, where absolute no negativity is able to exist. The VOID of infinite and limitless potential, is therefore our next frontier of exploration!

Love and blessings