I offer a combination of therapies which can be tailor-made to suite every individual client..  Energy Healing work on the physical level, as well as on the emotional-; spiritual-; energetic- and etheric level.

“I have studied a total of 12 Healing modalities and over time, I have developed a natural talent of intuitively combining the most appropriate healing therapies according to each individual client’s personal needs and requirements


  • Quantum Healing.
  • Quantum Body-Brain Reboot.
  • Reconnective Healing.
  • Personal Reconnection.
  • Sonic Alchemy (Vocal Toning).
  • Belief Clearing.
  • Ancestral DNA, Biological Programming and Bloodline Clearing.
  • Foot & Life Synergy (Footology Therapy.
  • Emotional Healing Journeys.
  • Access Bars.
  • Healing via Heart Commands.
  • Body Alignment.
  • Chakra and Meridian Balancing.
  • Assemblage Point Realignment.
  • Scalar laser Treatment.
  • Transformational Counseling.

Prior to focusing on pain relief on any specific body area, it is advisable to align the physical body either with a specific Quantum Healing method, or with an Assemblage Point Realignment, which automatically also realignes the physical body.

Each person’s healing session is designed especially for them, according to their individual needs.

Please see individual therapy pages for additional information