Energy healing is always for your highest good and will create the best possible outcome as appropriate for you at this time.Heart1

 I have studied a total of 15 Healing modalities and over time, I have developed a natural talent of intuitively combining the most appropriate healing therapies according to each individual client’s personal needs and requirements.

During quiet time on the morning of 29 Jan 2010 I have received intuitive guidance to commence teaching about the wonderful healing power of Light and Love. I requested confirmation of this guidance, but then forgot completely about it. A few minutes later, an alarm went off and when I investigated where the sound came from, I discovered that it came from a little broken alarm clock. In spite of the clock not ticking, nor any alarm set, this alarm went off three times.

This made me realize that indeed it was time to incorporate new Life, Light and Love into my teaching modalities.

I found that when Pure LIGHT, which is LOVE, emanating from the Higher Worlds of Light were incorporated into my existing healing practices, it vastly accelerated & super-charged the Healing Effects, while Enhancing & Uplifting Consciousness.

By consciously choosing to connect with the Light & Love emanations from Spirit, our eternal spirit starts to shine, and then becomes a source of living, breathing & loving light upon earth. The elevation of individual consciousness to Pure Unconditional Love is key to the Higher Worlds of Light. Love and Light energizes the Human Light Body and by letting our Light shine, we subconsciously give permission to others to do the same.

As soon as we awaken to our true image and nature – that of an Eternal Divine Soul incased within a human body, serving as a temple (vehicle) of Spirit, we begin our ascent back to the Father’s House of Many Mansions, our true heavenly home. Although the body is finite, Spirit is infinite and connecting fully with the Light, Love and Power of our own Eternal Spirit & Higher Self; will enhance our Lives and expand our consciousness, enabling each individual heart flame of divinity to become a beacon of love and light in the outer world.

Consciousness and energy cannot be separated, as everything consists of energy, which can never be destroyed, but can only change form. (water – evaporating, changing either into steam or water droplets within a cloud; snow melting).

The time has come for humanity to take a huge leap in perception.  The universe is a cosmic hologram, a giant mirror, with every part reflecting the whole. According to the Keys of Enoch, The Book of Knowledge, written by Dr JJ Hurtak, humans are “gravitationally trapped light” representing a micro cosmos, within a macro cosmos. Because the universe is a holograph and everything, including humanity is cosmically connected, we contribute to the building of collective Light when we uplift our individual consciousness, and thus also assist the uplifting of collective consciousness and accelerate our personal ascension into Christed Consciousness.  According to Gregg Braden, published author and a well-known scientist wrote many books that bridges the gap between science and religion, says that recent scientific experiments seem to confirm that we, as humans, live in a virtual reality and that our thoughts and emotions create neuropeptides which attach to receptors, within the body, which according to Dr Candice Perth, are the molecules of emotion.  It became apparent that everything we feel, every emotion, produces a specific collection of chemicals, called neuropeptides, or molecules of emotion, that matches up with it.  Those neuropeptides are created by the hypotalamus, within the brain.  Every emotion has a chemical, (molecules of emotion) associated with it, and it is the absorption of these chemicals in our body by the cells that give rise to the feeling of that emotion.  The more intense our emotions are, the more we would remember the events and experiences associated with it.

The very first thing to focus on is the Inner Journey, the “Road Less Travelled” by humans. We live in an infinitely intelligent universe, and connection to this intelligence is our own consciousness – consisting of our thoughts, perception and beliefs. Everything that we experience in our outer world is magnetized (attracted) to us by energetic attractor patterns, set up by our very own thoughts, words, deeds, beliefs and inner state of being. Conflicting thoughts and beliefs create conflicting results in our lives.  Our thoughts emit electrical currents and our emotions emit electromagnetic currents into the quantum field which surrounds our bodies.

By striving to become more loving, peaceful, kind and giving, we will experience love, peace and kindness within our very own lives. Since our thoughts, attributes and inner states shape our outer world and reality, it is advisable for each person need to take responsibility for their own lives.  The Divine Matrix, a book written by Greg Braden states that the Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created. Part of Key 9: “feeling is the language that speaks to the Divine Matrix. Key 20: “We must become in our lives the very things that we choose to experience in our world – words that were also expressed long ago by Mahatma Gandhi”.

The Love we share while living on earth are precious and eternal qualities and in the end, what really matters, is how we each live our lives and how we treat each other.


The Angels, Arch Angels, Healing Masters who once walked on the Earth – Yeshua (Jesus) Elohim (Creators) and many Light Beings from the Higher Worlds of Light-Love surround humanity as a collective, providing us with support, assistance, Light and Love to all who would open their hearts to receive it.  It is there for the taking, but unfortunately humans are not very good at receiving.  Fortunately we can be instructed on how to open ourselves more fully to receive.

The Quantum Healing curriculum focuses on grounding, opening of the chakra’s and chakra column, the setting of a clear healing intention for the highest good of the client, a link-up with the higher self of of both practitioner and client, together with specific visualization and breathing techniques that enable our hearts to open fully, to receive healing Light and guidance, and also to establish a personal connection to the Infinite Field of Oneness.  The Healing Light is then anchored within our own hearts and physical bodies, as well as deep within the sacred grid, in the heart of Gaia, Mother Earth.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like to attend one of the following short courses:

  • The Way of honoring and loving your Self More
  • The Way to become Self Empowered
  • The Way of finding Balance and being Peaceful